Two-day forklift operator course

Two-day forklift operator course

Two-day forklift operator course

Duration:  2 days (16 hours)
Time:  9:00 – 16:00
Language:  English

The price of a two-day course is 180€ + VAT.
The price of an international two-day course is 220€ + VAT.
The price includes lecture materials and the forklift operator’s certificate valid in Estonia or internationally, depending on the course chosen.

The two-day forklift operator course is designed for an individual with little or no experience. The course offers competitive theoretical knowledge and practical experience in working with forklifts.

FIRST DAY – Theoretical course

The theoretical course focuses largely on safety of operating a forklift, but other necessary information for the work will be also discussed.

–  Different types and construction of forklifts
–  Forklift accessories and technical parameters
–  Forklift maintenance
–  Procedures and safety measures for loading transport work
–  Legislation on the work of forklift operators
–  Personal protective equipment and safety
–  And a lot more

The theory course ends with a written test.


SECOND DAY – Practical course

The practical course focuses on the different types of forklifts used in warehouses: forklifts, boom lifts and telescopic lifts. The training includes practical exercises and pays attention to all the necessary aspects to achieve the knowledge and experience for obtaining the certificate of a forklift operator.

– Forklift operating instructions and manuals
– Construction and characteristics of different lifts
– Pre-service inspection of the lifts
– Practical exercises and correct operating techniques
– Driving exercises

The practical course ends with a test.



Raiko Jaagura is a specialist with long-term experience in lifting equipment and work environment. Raiko studied economics at the Estonian University of Life Sciences and has worked as a logistic and project manager in various fields since 2005. He started training forklift operators already in 2007.

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