Rigging course

Rigging course

Rigging course

Duration:  1 day (8 hours)
Time: 9:00 – 16:00
Language: English

The price of a rigging course is 90€ + VAT.

The price of an international rigging course is 130€ + VAT.

The price includes lecture materials and the rigger’s certificate valid in Estonia or internationally, depending on the course chosen.

The course provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the work of a rigger.

Topics covered:

– Different types of cranes and their usage requirements
– Cargo handling aids
– Lifting works
– Work safety legislation
– Safety on rigging operations
– Wire rope slings, chain slings and web slings
– Durability of slings in case of various defects
– The usage and safety of sling hooks
– The calculations of sling tensions
– Different lifting methods with slings
– The usage of the travers and lifting frames
– Controlling and removing defected slings
– Protection devices for corners and slings
– The most common sling defects
– Signaling, hand signals

The certificate of the course (plastic card with a photo) will be sent by post two weeks after passing the course.


Raiko Jaagura is a specialist with long-term experience in lifting equipment and work environment. Raiko studied economics at the Estonian University of Life Sciences and has worked as a logistic and project manager in various fields since 2005. He started training forklift operators already in 2007.


It is also possible to order the course to the company as an in-house course which is based on the company’s specifics.

For more information, please contact:
Raiko Jaagura  (info@oskuskoolitus.ee  or  +372 520 8060)

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